Who We Are

Chartered Investment Managers, the Singapore-based asset management firm, is committed to fostering enduring relationships and providing customized solutions to our clients’ evolving needs, we at Chartered Investment Managers take a highly structured approach when it comes to research, product development and servicing our clients. This approach further reinforces our primary goals of ensuring customer satisfaction and achieving best possible results for our customers.

We hold the Capital Markets Services license of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and are, therefore, authorized to provide advisory and fund management services to all accredited and institutional investors.


Fund Management & Advisory

It is our singular goal to make sure that superior returns that are sustained by capital appreciation as well as income are consistently achieved in the longer term by our clients. This ensures that capital preservation is sustained right through economic and credit cycles. We employ a combination of both bottom-up security selection processes and macro development assessments that are consistent.

Asset Management

We strive to provide not only conflict-free advice, but also solutions on the basis of the needs and risk tolerance levels that vary from one accredited client to the other. We are capable of creating different types of funds that are customized to match the specific needs of our clients, which in turn enable our clients to achieve all of their set key financial goals.

In addition, we provide private banking services to accredited investors by way of our affiliated partners as well as through financial instruments. Investors are offered the entire range of investment options through our innovative as well as quality financial products and services.

We customize not only products but also funds by making investments in various asset classes from different geographical locations to ensure that our clients are not only able to meet their financial goals, but also enjoy peace of mind at the same time. The asset classes include bonds, equity (both listed as well as private), structured notes, real estate and hedge funds. 

Singapore, Gateway to Southeast Asia

We have established operations and offices at many locations across the world, but Singapore plays a crucial part. This is because of the emergence of Singapore as the global financial center over the last decade. In addition, the Singapore government is encouraging the growth of financial institutions by providing a great deal of incentives as well as crucial support that is essential. A number of other factors have also contributed to Singapore becoming the global financial center. These include the transparent and efficient judicial and legal framework, favorable regulatory as well as business environment and banking confidentiality of the highest degree that are available in the country. The tax regime in Singapore is also favorable, as interest and capital gains of non-residents are not taxed.

The strategic location of Singapore in Southeast Asia, positions it well to serve the emerging markets of the region and also accommodate investment needs of the people irrespective of their nationality and country of residence. It is because of these reasons that we have ideally located our operations in Singapore to better serve the customers in the Southeast Asian region.

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