What We Do

Chartered Investment Managers deliver high-quality services to their clients around the world. Our relationship managers are responsible to handle all aspects related to client servicing, considering the requirements of each client in a broader perspective.

Recognizing the fact that risk management in a disciplined and controlled manner is crucial to ensure the performance of clients’ investments, the different teams in Chartered Investment Managers are vested with the responsibility of managing as well as monitoring the varied portfolio and credit risks that micro and macro events present. Our professionals are experienced and are empowered to adopt appropriate measures as and when required to ensure compliance and minimize the risks presented by these events.

We also recognize the fact that the risk appetite of each of our clients is different and they strive to realize various goals based on their global perspectives and ‘game plans’. We, therefore, work in conjunction with our clients and personalize our investment products in a manner to suit their different needs and desires. We pool all the products and tools at our disposal and combine it with our in-depth understanding of the financial markets to enable our customers achieve the investment goals that they desire.


Chartered Investment Managers extend its assistance to the corporate firms, public funds, pension funds, municipalities or insurance companies that seek asset preservation or a return on investment in today’s uncertain market conditions.

We analyze the needs of our clients, understand the challenges that they are facing and then design a customized solution that will serve them in the best possible manner. The solution is devised by our experts utilizing the pool of investment products that we have in our armoury and generating creative ideas as well as varied currencies or exposure to market risks keeping in mind the investors’ legal constraints.

Accredited Advisors & Family Office

Several different sophisticated solutions are required to help customers manage their family assets and achieve their financial goals. Our range of products is designed to suit the requirements of both clients who need to manage a family office as well as others who manage family assets.

Fund Management and Planning

Chartered Investment Managers provides support to its clients in strategically allocating assets, investment policy guidelines, management of risk, and monitoring by continuously overseeing performance and suitably adjusting the portfolio. The clients are presented with adequate suggestions, clear and complete picture of their investment portfolios and products that are customized to meet their individual requirements.

Estate Preservation

Strategies involved in preservation and distribution of wealth are a cause of concern for some of our accredited investors. We help them with succession and tax planning and investment strategies as part of our services portfolio.

Personal Financial Management

Most of the accredited investors need to constantly plan as well as make cash flow projections. They also need to manage expenses and report accurately. Our team works with the clients to ensure that their investments needs and return expectations are aligned with their lifestyles. This helps them to realize their financial goals.

Financial Advisers

Chartered Investment Managers, the wholly owned subsidiary of PWM Japan Securities has been providing support for financial advisers since 1999.

With the backing of a complete range of solutions as well as financial tools, our services cater to needs of the clients. Our financial advisers are empowered to provide such support services as product engineering solutions, setting up the clients’ private bank accounts and making grouped asset allocations.

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